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Streżyńska: Poland can be a 5G technology leader

We want Poland to be the European leader in 5G technology, said Minister of Digital Affairs Anna Streżyńska, initiator of the Agreement for 5G Strategy for Poland. On Thursday at the Ministry of Digital Affairs, the parties signed a cooperation document for the implementation of the 5th generation network.

The goal is to establish cooperation between the state, scientific units and entrepreneurs. Among the signatories of the agreement, which - as the head of the Ministry of Digital Affairs emphasised - is open - are the Ministry of Digital Affairs, the Office of Electronic Communications, technical scientific institutions and industry companies - representatives of operators, providers of infrastructure, equipment and solutions in the field of telecommunications.

The signatories committed to making efforts to create a document defining the direction of the construction of the 5G network in Poland. Streżyńska announced that the ministry planned to invite representatives of local government in the near future. Streżyńska emphasised that 5G technology would become commonplace in Poland and be available to all Polish citizens, not just the inhabitants of big cities.

The 5G network is the next stage in the development of telecommunications networks. It will allow for a much faster, more stable data exchange between more devices. There will be not only phones, tablets and computers in the 5G network, but also homes, cars and countless other devices in the public space that will work together and transform the entire economy - from transportation and energy to education, healthcare and manufacturing.

"I hope that the key directions developed within the framework of the agreement will allow us to create a government 5G strategy for Poland by the end of this year" - said Streżyńska. "What we want to do is to lead the group of countries that have appreciated this technology. We want to determine how to combine the 5G technology - which is just a communications technology - with other important state strategies, digitisation as such, but also the Strategy of Responsible Development that penetrates the whole economy and has a very strong innovation aspect" - she added.

According to Streżyńska, the strategy should be prepared within the next six months. The technology itself would be launched in Poland in 2023, although, she added, "we hope that we will meet the expectations of the European Commission, which spoke about the year 2022 and even 2020".

"It could be worth it to invest special resources and make efforts to accelerate the development of this network (5G) without sparing financial investments, as the returns can be many times higher" - said Streżyńska.

The minister emphasised that 5G means new opportunities for consumers and businesses, new business models and solutions that we are not yet able to describe today.

"They is why so many countries all over the world see the implementation of 5G not as a new technology platform, but as a platform for economic development" - said Anna Streżyńska. "We want 5G technology to be a springboard that will help our economy jump to the next level. It is a great chance for Poland" - she added.

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