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SafeSky - Polish drone protection system

A system that detects an incoming drone and prevents it from entering a protected area has been developed by the Polish company Advanced Protection Systems. SafeSky can detect a drone even from a distance of one kilometre.

Drones - unmanned flying devices - have been widely available on the market for several years. It can not be ruled out that such devices will be used by terrorists, for example to carry explosives or weapons. In addition, drones are capable of transporting item such as cell phones or drugs over prison walls. These unmanned machines can also make it easier for hackers to break into networks. A drone can even enter a military area and retrieve confidential information, or fly to a window and film a person in a private situation.

Such events could be prevented by the SafeSky system developed by the Polish company Advanced Protection Systems. "Using four different sensors allows us to effectively detect drones from the distance of 1000 meters" - said Dr. Radosław Piesiewicz from Advanced Protection Systems. The system is equipped with cameras that will see the drone, an acoustics matrix that will hear the drone, a radar that will detect the drone, and detectors that will hear the transmission of signals between the drone and its operator.

"When we detect a drone, we effectively neutralize it - that is, force it to either return to the operator or land. We do not allow it to enter the protected zone" - explained Dr. Piesiewicz.

"One can imagine that we open an umbrella over the protected object" - he said. He emphasised that a drone would not be able to cross unnoticed into the protected area from any direction. "We will always detect it" - the assured. He added that the system works in all conditions - also at night and in bad weather.

According to Piesiewicz, the solution can be used not only by airports, refineries, large chemical plants, government facilities, military bases, but also by private customers.

"We basically co-create the market with only a few companies in the world" - said Dr. Piesiewicz and added that the Polish system is cheaper than foreign solutions, and it is at least as effective as they are.

The solution was presented at the Polish national stand at Hannover Messe 2017. The work on the system was co-financed by the National Centre for Research and Development.

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