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The first application of the Polish cardiac surgery robot in autumn

The first clinical application of Polish cardiac surgery robot during surgery is planned for next autumn, as announced last Friday during the conference at the Foundation for Cardiac Surgery Development in Zabrze (Silesia).

The operation involving the use of the robot developed at the Zbigniew Religa Foundation for Cardiac Surgery Development in Zabrze will be performed by Prof. Zbigniew Religa\'s son, cardiologist Dr. Grzegorz Religa.

"We know that it will be a mitral valve surgery. Technically we are fully prepared, but it is necessary to complete formal and legal procedures, which is why the surgery is scheduled in the autumn" - told PAP the chief designer of the robot, Dr. Zbigniew Nawrat.

Advances in the work on the cardiac surgery robot were one of the topics of the 14th BioMedTech Silesia conference organized by the Foundation for Cardiac Surgery Development.

Founded by eminent cardiac surgeon Prof. Zbigniew Religa (1938-2009), the Foundation for Cardiac Surgery Development supports the development of the Polish cardiac surgery, introducing modern techniques and technologies for the treatment of heart into clinical practice. The main directions of its activity are research on prosthetic heart, prosthetic heart valves, research in biocybernetics and biotechnology. (PAP)

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