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Ministry of Development: work on the National Space Program until the end of 2017

Work on the preparation of the National Space Programme, a tool of Polish Space Strategy, should be completed by the end of 2017 - Deputy Minister of Development Adam Hamryszczak said in the Sejm. A this stage - he added - it is not possible to specify the exact budget of the National Space Program.

On Thursday, Hamryszczak answered questions from MPs about the further development of the Polish space sector, Polish Space Strategy and the National Space Program.

Deputy minister explained that the National Space Program would be to be the second tool - alongside the European Space Agency\'s optional programs - to implement the Polish Space Strategy. Its development is the task of the Polish Space Agency. "Work on the preparation of the National Space Programme should be completed by the end of 2017. At this stage it is not possible to specify the exact budget or the substantive scope of the planned program" - Deputy Minister Hamryszczak said in the Sejm.

He reminded that thanks to additional funds from the Ministry of Development and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Polish contribution to 2016 ESA optional programs increased by 25% in comparison with the 2012 subscription. "Strategy assumes an increase in Polish optional contributions to the target level of 200 percent of required contributions. This translates into the optional contribution amount of approximately 40 million euros per year. According to the current commitment, Polish optional contribution is 12.5 million per year. This is a relatively small commitment compared to, for example, more than 22 million paid by Romania" - said Deputy Minister of Development.

"The membership fee paid to the ESA is a direct investment in the development of the Polish space sector. In accordance with the principle of geographical return, most of that contribution returns to the country in the form of contracts for its industry and scientific institutions" - he added.

Polish Space Strategy has been developed the Ministry of Development. The document was adopted by the Council of Ministers in January 2017 by way of a resolution. It is part of the Strategy for Responsible Development. Its primary objective is "to create a new model of development of the Polish economy based to a larger extent on knowledge, innovation and technological progress, than on low production cost".

Adam Hamryszczak explained on Thursday that according to the strategy, by 2030 the Polish space sector should be ready to compete in the European market, with a turnover of at least 3 percent of the overall turnover of the market. The implementation of the strategy will involve a number of ministries including: development, national defence, science and higher education, the environment, foreign affairs.

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