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Szyszko: Bulgaria wants to accept six bison and will certainly get them

Minister of the Environment Prof. Jan Szyszko said that Bulgaria wanted to receive six bison from Poland, and assured that they would receive the animals. He noted that other countries responded that they were not ready to restore the habitats of bison in Europe.

Szyszko, who was a guest at TVP1 on Friday morning, said that he would visit the Embassy of Bulgaria on the same day. "Bulgaria has acceded that they want six bison - three cows and three bulls - and they will certainly get them" - he said.

"Other countries have responded - we are not ready for that, there is no social acceptance" - he added.

In October 2016, at the EU Council of Ministers of the Environment Szyszko proposed EU countries to help in restoration of bison habitats in Europe. His ministry extended this proposal to the Environment Ministers of the Member States. In early February, the ministry informed that in addition to Bulgaria, Romania was interested in the animals. Other countries were still considering the proposal or refused - for example the Netherlands, pointed to the very small area of the country and too many residents to be able to afford the introduction of bison.

European bison was restored in Poland after the war. Currently, we have over 1,500 of these animals - in the Bialowieża Forest, Borecka Forest and the Bieszczady Mountains. When promoting the campaign, Szyszko emphasised that Poland knews how to protect bison and through the reintroduction of the species in the rest of the continent wanted to increase its chances of survival and achieve the population size that had existed naturally in Europe. (PAP)

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