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More than 84 thousand Polish monuments on an interactive online map

More than 84 thousand Polish monuments are included on the interactive map made available online by the National Heritage Institute (Narodowy Instytut Dziedzictwa, NID). They include historical monuments and UNESCO World Heritage Sites, immovable monuments and archaeological sites.

Public portal http://mapy.zabytek.gov.pl has been operating in its current form since 2014. The list of monuments is updated every six months. It is not a source of information about all monuments in Poland because, for example, there are approx. 450 thousand archaeological sites alone in our country. The portal provides information about the places listed in the register, considered particularly valuable and covered with special legal protection.

The website is addressed to archaeologists, historians, restorers, but also to enthusiasts of monuments located in Poland.

After the January update, the database contains more than 84 thousand entries - including all objects on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list and all the Historical Monuments, majority of particularly valuable archaeological sites and immovable monuments, including palaces and industrial complexes.

NID announced on one of the social networking sites that in the past year the map portal received 16 million queries. It is visited by an average of over 18.5 thousand users per month.

A new feature on the website is information about the monuments, which legally are included in the register of monuments, but for various reasons no longer exist in the area - told PAP head of Documentation and Databases of Monuments at the National Heritage Institute, Arkadiusz Kołodziej.

Internet users can search for monuments according to many criteria - including searching by name for specific immovable monuments, such as palace, religious, industrial complexes, spatial and transport infrastructures. Other categories are Historical Monuments, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and archaeological sites. It is also possible to sort monuments by the period from which they originate.

The website allows to browse the database Polish monuments against the background of a variety of images - including standard maps, aerial photographs and digital terrain models from the state geodetic and cartographic resources. It also allows to create user compositions, changing the context in which landmarks are visible - for example, it is possible to view the locations of monuments against the background of photographic map of Warsaw from the years 1935 - 1945.

Due to concern about the safety of monuments, not all information is publicly available. Only specialists logged in to the NID system gain access to extensive information necessary to manage and monitor the status of monuments.

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