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Polish electronics for the Czech "strongman"

15.02.2017 Space, Technology, Innovation


Measuring equipment prepared by a Polish company will be used in the world's most powerful laser HAPLS, which is located in the Czech Republic.

Electronics for Czech science centre ELI has been prepared by Creotech Instruments.


The recipient of the equipment is the Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences. The research project, in which the components made in Poland will be used, is implemented with the participation of scientists from around the world. The project name is ELI-Beamlines.


The objective of the project is to build world's most powerful laser HAPSL (High Repetition-Rate Advanced Petawatt Laser System). The Czechs called their laser "Bijov" after the mythical Czech strongman, but the world's media dubbed it the "Death Star", referring to the theme of the cult Star Wars movies. The laser will weigh 20 tons, and its cost is 48 million dollars. The instrument is being built in the research facility in Dolní Břežany, near Prague.


"The power of the laser will eventually exceed 10 petawatts, which is equal to 10 quadrillion 100 watt bulbs. The device will not, however, serve to sow terror in our galaxy and destroy rebellious planets. On the contrary - it will serve the humanity and the development of science" - calms manufacturing director at Creotech Instruments SA, Tomasz Krzaczek. "The laser will allow to conduct previously impossible experiments in various fields, from astrophysics to medicine. In the scientific world it will be the laser equivalent of the Large Hadron Collider of the European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN" - added Krzaczek.


According to Creotech Instruments, the value of the order, including the manufacture and supply of nearly 150 advanced electronics components, exceeds 250 thousand zlotys. Another order for the Czech partner, which is now at the initial stage of implementation, concerns delivery of 30 measurement modules, with a value in excess of 250 thousand zlotys.


In order for the Czech Republic, Creotech Instruments used subsystems developed in the project HETMAN, co-financed by the National Centre for Research and Development. The purpose of HETMAN is to build a Polish platform for monitoring and control of processes that require high-speed processing of massive amounts of data. "In the coming months, more components will be delivered to Switzerland, Germany and Brazil" - says CEO of Creotech Instruments SA, Dr. Grzegorz Brona.


In recent years, his company completed orders for institutions that included the European Organization for Nuclear Research CERN in Geneva, the GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research and DESY Research Centre in Germany.


PAP - Science and Scholarship in Poland


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