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Dr. Anna Mazurkiewicz appointed President of the Polish-American Historical Association

Dr. Anna Mazurkiewicz from the Faculty of History, University of Gdansk took the position of President of the Polish-American Historical Association for the term 2017-2018. The mission of the American scientific organization is to promote the study of Polish American history and culture.

The Polish-American Historical Association was founded in 1942 as part of the Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences in America. Since 1948 PAHA operates as an autonomous scholarly society, with its headquarters in New Britain in the US. PAHA\' mission is to conduct and promote research on the Polish American diaspora - its history, culture, and history of migration and the Polish diaspora in comparative approach.

During the 74th Annual Meeting of the organization in Denver, Dr. Anna Mazurkiewicz - a historian from the University of Gdansk was officially appointed President of the Polish American Historical Association.

Dr. Mazurkiewicz is the author of two books on the US response to the presidential and parliamentary elections in Poland in 1947 and 1989. Her research interests include the American policy towards the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and political activity of refugees from Central and Eastern Europe in the United States after World War II. She is also the author of articles and chapters in collective works published in Poland and abroad, as well as editor of two-volume publication devoted to migration from Central and Eastern Europe, awarded by the Polish American Historical Association. In December 2016, she published her latest book: Political Exiles from East Central Europe in American Cold War Politics, 1948-1954.

Polish-American Historical Association is an affiliate of the American Historical Association. The journal Polish American Studies issued by PAHA is available in Poland in the database of e-journals (JSTOR).

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