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Secondary school student Katarzyna Chrapko is the best Young Inventor 2014

Secondary school student Katarzyna Chrapko, who explored the possibility of using infrasound for diagnosis and non-invasive treatment of diseased organs, won the competition "Young Inventor 2014". She will present her work at international invention fair in Brussels.

The competition "Young Inventor" awards inventions developed by young authors. Its objective is to promote creativity among young people.

The winner of the competition is a fourteen year old Katarzyna Chrapko, a student of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński Secondary School No. 1 in Nisko. She earned her victory with research into the use of infrasound for diagnosis and non-invasive treatment of diseased organs of human body. As a reward, in November 2014 she will present her invention in Brussels at the World Exhibition of Innovation, Research and New Technologies "BRUSSELS INNOVA", and in February 2015 at the Exchange of Awarded Inventions 2014 at the International Invention Fair in Warsaw.

Second-place winner was nineteen years old Bartosz Ambrożkiewicz, a student of Hipolit Cegielski School of Communications in Poznań. Awarded smart mirror system for user assembly on a motorcycle adjusts the tilt of side mirrors to the current position of the rider.

Two inventions won third place in a tie. The author of the first of them is Petros Psyllos - electronics technician, a graduate of the Prof. J. Groszkowski Electrical School in Białystok. He is the creator of a device called "neurognet," a signet ring that recognizes the signs the user draws in the air with his finger. It can be used to safely handle devices like phones, smartphones and GPS systems while driving. The project also be useful for visually impaired people. All commands for electronic devices can be issued in the form of gestures, for example, text messages can be written in the air, as if it were a virtual sheet, and the finger were a pen.

The other third place winner is sixteen years old Jakub Zyngier, a graduate of the Queen Jadwiga Public Secondary School in Połaniec. He developed a system that should improve safety on the unguarded level crossings and reduce the number of accidents.

Special mention awarded to students of the Partisan Army Unit "Jędrusie" School in Połaniec: Joachim Jakubas, Tomasz Dziedzic and Mikołaj Forkasiewiczow. Their "Appliance Guard" protects electrical appliances against overloads and short circuits in the network, which may result in damage to electrical and electronic equipment, installations, or even fire.

13 projects qualified for the competition. The jury chaired by Dr. Krzysztof Biernat took into account the level of innovation, the demand for the product, anticipated effects of application, advanced solutions, the possibility of implementation, presentation and completeness of the submitted documentation. The competition was organized by the Foundation HALLER PRO INVENTIO in collaboration with Eurobusiness-Haller.

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