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27 Polish representatives compete in the International Championship in Mathematical and Logical Games in Paris

26.08.2010 Universities
Polish team at the 24th International Championship in Mathematical and Logical Games in Paris consists of 27 contestants. The championship takes place on August 25 and 26, with teams from 10 countries competing.
Favourites, according to Polish team supervisor, Dr Janusz Górniak from Wrocław University of Technology, are contestants from France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, and Poland. This year, Polish team consists of representatives of all categories, students of third, fourth, fifth and sixth grade, as well as secondary school and high school students. Among them are participants and winners of various national and international competitions and tournaments.

As usual, competitors solve two sets of problems, with 18 problems in each set. Position on the list (the winners of first three places are usually referred to as gold, silver and bronze medallists) depends on the sum of scored points.

Championship in Paris has been held since 1987. Initially, it was a national championship, over time other countries have joined, including Poland. In the past few years, the number of Poles scoring highest in various categories has been increasing significantly. Three years ago, our contestants won 10 medals, including four gold, one years later - 8 medals, including two gold. Last year it was already 11 medals, including four gold. Dr Górniak hopes this year will be at least as good. WP

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