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KUL-car – a new car for people on wheelchairs

05.02.2010 Technology

KUL-car is a one-man electric car designed by Poles for people on wheelchairs. Thanks to this vehicle people with paraplegia can drive a car without getting out of their wheelchair. Thanks to its compact size it is easy to park this car in any place – say its creators.
The designers of this car are: Marlena Krzyżanowska – a Warsaw University of Technology Graduate and a student of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, and Krzysztof Buczek a Doctoral student at the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN) Systems Research Institute, employer pf the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development (PARP). The author and guardian of this project is Dr. Bogdan Kuberacki, a lecturer from Warsaw University of Technology’s Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering.

The projects authors now intend to raise funds to build this car and start selling it. “The production of this car will last a few years, but these are the realities of Poland. But we are optimistic” – Marlena Krzyżanowska assures.

According to the designers, the number of potential KUL-car users is approximately one million disabled Poles who use wheelchairs. Krzyżanowska expects the car to cost around 20 000 złoty.

Up till now vans, and other big cars were used to transport disabled, who would travel as passengers. This made it impossible for the disabled person to use this car at any time. Sometimes the disabled would use a specially modified car, that they could drive after getting out of the wheelchair and sitting in the drivers seat. This still didn’t give a comfortable solution.

In the meantime KUL-cars will be equipped with a special platform, that will make it easier for a wheelchair to get in to it. After the side doors, to the right hand side of the vehicle open, a platform from its inside will come out. The person on the wheelchair rides on to it, and afterwards it lifts itself and the person in to the vehicle. This means, that people on wheelchairs can enter and leave the car whenever they like without anybodies help.

PAP – Science and Scholarship in Poland, Ludwika Tomala, tr. ajb

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