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Science in Poland launches a new edition

The website of Science in Poland changes its appearance. With the new layout, the site is now clearer, modern and access to information is easier. The new edition of our website launched on November 7.

The new website of Science in Poland http://naukawpolsce.pap.pl/ contains two menu bars that group the content from two main thematic areas. The first group concerns research conducted by Polish scientists. Messages are divided into in eight sections: Space, History & Culture, Human, Health, Life, Earth, Matter & Energy, Technology. Readers of these sections learn about the most important and interesting projects carried out in the laboratories of Polish universities, research institutes and the institutes of the Polish Academy of Sciences. They can keep track of what the best Polish researchers are working on and what they publish in prestigious scientific journals as authors or co-authors. Internet users will also find interviews with experts in various fields and comments on current events.

Topics in the second group highlighted in Science in Poland concern the organization of science in Poland, its management and funding, as well as life at universities and research institutions. You can read about it in the following sections: Universities and Research, Innovation, Prizes & Awards, People. These sections contain the latest news on lawmaking for higher education; granting funds for research, cooperation between scientific institutions and science-related activities undertaken for the development of the economy.

Each section can be accessed directly from the top menu bar or in the thematic blocks on the portal homepage. Each block contains five latest news in the given section.

Topics related to prestigious events - such as the Science Popularizer competition - have their special places on the site that allow to highlight the entire package of news messages, such as the latest updates or profiles of the winners.

The most interesting texts from the last days - according to the editorial team - are presented in the "Recommended" section. The "Popular" section contains the texts that have been read most often in the last few days.

The new Polish version of the website is available at http://naukawpolsce.pap.pl/

Public website Science in Poland is edited by journalists of the Polish Press Agency and financed by the DIALOG program of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The website reports the achievements of Polish scientists and promotes Polish science. It is intended for both the scientific community and Internet users looking for popular science information. It is a constantly updated online journal and a database of Polish science.

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