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New research centre at Warsaw Medical University

30.01.2007 Health
Warsaw Medical University will build a modern research centre, where genetic, nanotechnology and pharmaceutical studies will be run – said Grzegorz Lisicki, spokesman of Warsaw Medical University. The government has given 100 million euros towards the project.

The Centre of Preclinical Tests and Technologies (CEPT) will be set up partly on the Warsaw Medical University Campus and partly on the grounds of the Polish Academy of Sciences and Warsaw University adjacent to the campus.
According to Lisicki, this will be one of the most technologically advanced research centres in Europe.

He explained that the Centre will include ten modern laboratories, where research on the construction and function of proteins in the human body, biotechnology, nanotechnology and new drugs will be run.

“Scientists will work on discovering new medical technologies and drugs for diseases affecting humanity, such as those caused by ageing, among other things Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s” – he said.

The total cost of building and equipping the laboratories will amount to PLN 800 million.

Anna Kierzkowska, attorney of Warsaw Medical University’s Rector for the construction of the Centre said that other academic institutions such as Warsaw University, the Polish Academy of Sciences and Warsaw Technical University are also involved in the project.

“We want the discoveries made by the Centre to serve people immediately. This is why apart from laboratories, companies, which implement the research results will be set up on the grounds of the Centre. This is common practice in this sort of enterprise – Stanford University, California was the prototype, from which the Silicon Valley developed” – Lisicki explained. The companies will be from the field of computer technology, biotechnology and medicine.

The construction of the Centre of Preclinical Tests and Technologies will last six years. “The year 2007 will be spent on preparing documentation. The construction will start in 2008 and the Centre will open at full speed in 2013” – Anna Kierzkowska stated.

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