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Polish school children among the winners of the International Chemistry Olympiad in Korea

25.07.2006 Prizes & awards
Two gold medals, a silver and a bronze one were achieved by four Poles at the Chemistry Olympiad in Gyeongsan, South Korea – says the organiser of the Polish Chemistry Olympiad, Wanda Szelągowska. The 38th International Olympiad took place between 2-11 July and was attended by 255 contestants from 67 countries. Poland was represented by the winners of the 52nd Polish Chemistry Olympiad: Krzysztof Budny-Godlewski and Jędrzej Kaniewski of the Prince Józef Poniatowski Secondary School In Warsaw, Piotr Guńka of the Evangelical Society Secondary School in Cieszyn and Michał Tomza from the Private Secondary School in Żary.

“The results were announced on the 10th July, in the evening. 28 gold medals, 56 silver and 81 bronze medals were handed out. Jędrzej Kaniewski and Piotr Guńka received gold, Michał Tomza – silver and Krzysztof Budny-Godlewski – bronze, reports Szelągowska.

The competition lasted two days – on 4th July -  the contestants had to make two laboratory tests, on 6th July – a theory test. The remaining two days were spent on sightseeing, apart from the judges, who were checking the results.

The contest takes place every year, the first one was in Prague in 1968.

Urszula Jabłoński, tr. ajfb


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