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Closer to 'Silent' Road

Credit: PAP/ Tytus Żmijewski 05.05.2019 Credit: PAP/ Tytus Żmijewski 05.05.2019

Specialists from universities of technology in Gdańsk and Białystok have completed six-month tests of innovative road surface, which reduces noise. Although it still needs some improvement, it turned out to be so quiet as if traffic had been reduced four times.

Testing of a 160-meter section of poroelastic road surface on Galaktyczna Street in Gdańsk started in October 2019.

Research was conducted by specialists from the Gdańsk University of Technology and Bialystok University of Technology as part of the SEPOR project.

Experiments involving road surfaces of this type are carried out in different parts of the world. However, researchers have not yet managed to obtain a sufficiently durable surface.

The goal is to develop a road surface, on which much less tyre noise is generated, which permeates water, provides good grip, and additionally protects against fires of fuel that could leak onto the street.

Polish engineers have developed a road surface, in which approx. 20 percent is rubber granulate obtained from used tires. This makes the road surface more ecological than the standard one, as it uses recyclable materials.

Scientists already have preliminary results. The surface resistance still needs to be improved. But we already know that it allows to significantly reduce noise. According to the project leader Professor Jerzy Ejsmont, the decrease in noise is comparable to fourfold road traffic reduction.

Tests have also shown a significant reduction in the risk of road fires.

Researchers are conducting another test that started 10 months ago on the road near Wejherowo. They are also planning a test on a longer section near Żarnowiec.

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