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Fishing for...Health! Scientist Invents Energy Bar Made of Carp

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Krakow scientists have developed a new type of energy bar made out of carp.

The snack intended for athletes to munch on after a workout, contains dates, bouts and seeds but also protein hydrolysate derived from carp.

According to food technologists from the University of Agriculture in Krakow, carp is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids, calcium and other pro-health compounds the bar has a high nutritional value and a long shelf life.

Project leader Dr. Joanna Tkaczewska from the Department of Animal Product Technology at the Faculty of Food Technology said the snack bar had been designed for those who are particularly exposed to oxidative stress which arises as a result of imbalances between the production of oxygen free radicals and the cell`s ability to eliminate them.

Every day, as a result of metabolic processes, physical exertion and the influence of harmful external factors, carcinogenic reactive molecules called free radicals are formed in the body.

The diet of high-performance athletes must provide them with adequate hydration and nutrition before workout, replenish fluids and energy during exercise, and accelerate post-workout regeneration.


Competitive sports athletes and people regularly undertaking physical activity use various methods and means to regenerate the body faster after workout. They also protect joints, supplement energy, micro- and macroelements, and maintain optimal body structure.

Dr. Tkaczewska said: "Improperly taken supplements, especially those obtained synthetically, can threaten your health and life.

“Therefore, it was justified to create a new food product with health-promoting properties, which due to the content of active ingredients and high nutritional value can successfully replace a number of different dietary supplements used by high-performance athletes and those practicing recreational sports (including BCAAs, antioxidant vitamins, omega 3 acids), and in addition can be used as a natural, tasty and safe workout-related snack.”

The carp snack contains carbohydrates which are the basic source of energy for working muscles. They make it possible to maintain a constant blood glucose level before starting physical activity and preserve the glycogen reserves stored in the liver and muscles.

Proteins from carp meat accelerate the synthesis of new proteins, especially for workouts lasting up to 45 minutes. Other ingredients have a beneficial effect on the skeletal system and joints.

Clinical trials are now being carried out with the participation of high-performance athletes from the University of Physical Education in Krakow.

The research is being carried out as part of the National Centre for Research and Development LIDER project.

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