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Poles among the most honest finders of wallets

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The inhabitants of Poland belong to the group of the most honest finders of wallets in the world. According to a study published in Science, Poland ranks sixth in this respect. The Swiss are the civic honesty leaders.

The civic honesty leader in the study carried out in 40 countries is Switzerland, where wallets containing money were returned by 79% finders, and empty wallets by 74 percent.

A similarly high percentage of honest wallet finders was recorded in Norway. Wallets containing money returned to 79 percent owners, empty wallet to 71 percent.

Poland - 6th place - is a country where the return of a found wallet depends on its content only to a small extent. 69% finders of wallets with cash exhibited civic honesty, 63% finders returned wallets despite the lack of content.

In addition to Switzerland and Norway, the level of civic honesty among wallet finders in the Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden was also higher than in Poland.

Poland was closely followed by New Zealand, the Czech Republic, Germany and France.

In the lowest positions in the study conducted in 355 municipalities in 40 countries were Morocco, Kazakhstan and China. In the People`s Democratic Republic of China, last in the classification, empty wallets were returned by 7 percent finders, and wallets containing money - by 22 percent finders.

17,000 wallets were used in the study conducted by scientists from several Swiss universities. Some wallets were empty, while the others contained $ 13 to $ 94 (in local currency).

The study coordinator Michel André Maréchal, an economist at the University of Zurich, explains that the purpose of dividing the contents of wallets into empty, money and big money was to confirm the hypothesis that civic honesty increases as the amount of found money decreases.

"The surprising result: the more money in the wallet, the more honest people were" - comments Maréchal, referring to the fact that finders were more likely to return lost wallets with money than without. (PAP)

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