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BlinkMouse - application replacing computer mouse for people with paralysis

BlinkMouse application that allows completely paralysed people to fully use their computers has been developed at Rzeszow University of Technology. The app replaces computer mouse, and it is used simply by bl.inking - thanks to a webcam placed in front of the user\'s face.

The author of the application is Dr. Joanna Marnik from the Department of Computer and Control Engineering, Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Rzeszow University of Technology.

BlinkMouse enables completely paralysed people, who only move their eyelids, to fully use their computers. On-screen mouse in the application is presented in the form of graphical icon. However, the application settings can be adjusted to user\'s preferences and capabilities.

To use the app, user needs a webcam positioned in front of the user\'s face.

"The user looks at the screen cursor and by blinking can move it in all basic directions, stop it, move it again, select and activate sequences by clicking" - explained Marnik.

She noted that her solution allows to perform all the essential functions of a traditional computer mouse. "In combination with on-screen keyboard, the application enables users to communicate with the environment" - added the originator of the application.

In mid-February the Association for Children with Developmental Disabilities BRUNO in Rzeszów acquired the distribution rights for the application.

Marnik told PAP that the basic version of the application will probably be available for free. However, users who want to adjust the settings to their abilities will have to buy the appropriate version. According to Marnik the cost will not be high.

Individuals may purchase the app from the Association.

Video guide can be found at: http://w.prz.edu.pl/uczelnia/aktualnosci/blinkmouse-aplikacja-dla-osob-calkowicie-niesprawnych-ruchowo-208.html

Joanna Marnik received a silver medal for BlinkMouse at the International Invention and Innovation Show INTARG (Krakow 2015).

Participation in the show was made possible by the "Innovation Incubator" project of Rzeszow University of Technology, which funded the preparation of applications for distribution - informed the university spokeswoman Anna Worosz. This project supports by the R&D results management process, in particular the commercialisation of research results.

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