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Mars rovers will compete in Jasionka near Rzeszów

44 teams - representing countries including Australia, Egypt, Canada, Italy, Spain, Peru, Bangladesh, India, Poland - will take part in the 3rd edition of the competition of Mars rovers, European Rover Challenge. The competition will be held this weekend in Jasionka near Rzeszow.

European Rover Challenge (ERC) is a prestigious competition of Mars robots constructed by student teams. ERC is an European version of the event already well known in the scientific world, University Rover Challenge held in the United States. ERC was first organized in 2014.

"The teams will compete on 450 tonnes of soil, which will be placed in the Exhibition and Congress Centre in Jasionka. The soil, on which rovers will move, will be a copy of the surface of Mars" - president of the European Space Foundation Łukasz Wilczyński said on Monday during a press conference.

The foundation and the Podkarpackie Province are the organizers of the event.

Players will control rovers without actually seeing their vehicles (for example using cameras). The arena, specially prepared for the competition will become a field of competition in four events, which reflect the actual tasks performed by rovers on the Martian surface.

"We are pleased that we can host the ERC 2016, which fits perfectly into the strategy of promoting the region as a place of innovation that supports the development of new technologies and the aviation and aerospace industry" - Marshal of the Podkarpackie Province Władysław Ortyl noted during the press conference.

ERC is the biggest space robotics event in Europe. A total of over 50 thousand spectators watched the two previous editions.

Robotics congress robotic will be held in Jasionka in parallel with the Mars rovers competition. The assumptions Polish Space Strategy will be presented during the congress.

Also planned in Jasionka is the European Space Agency (ESA) debate, organized simultaneously in 22 member states.

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