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Prof. Maria Delaperrière received honorary doctorate from the University of Silesia

A distinguished researcher of Polish literature and culture abroad Prof. Maria Delaperrière received an honorary doctorate from the University of Silesia on June 22 in Katowice. The ceremony was held in connection with the VI World Congress of Polonists which took place in Katowice.

"I had the great honour to honour someone who has done a lot for Polish culture and Polish literature (...). This includes things related to the organization of academic life between the two countries, comparative research of literatures of Western countries and Polish literature, as well as a great contribution to theoretical research, especially comparative studies" - laudator Prof. Adam Dziadek told reporters after the ceremony.

He reminded that Prof. Delaperrière was the organizer of numerous meetings and conferences devoted to Polish literature and culture in French scientific institutions.

"This is a recognition of decades of her huge, hard work, which brought quite an unusual result" - said Prof. Dziadek.

Prof. Jolanta Tambor from the University of Silesia pointed out that the ceremony was a very important event for the scientific community. "For us, researchers of Polish language and literature, the entire community dealing with Polish language, literature and culture throughout the world, for this community no event is more important" - concluded Prof. Tambor.

The honorary doctor herself admitted that she was surprised by the award. "For me the title is actually a surprise" - said Prof. Delaperrière.

She also reminded that in France there were several centres of Polish Philology, in which she also organized various projects aimed to popularise Polish literature and culture. "It is not just about teaching, but also about radiation on French society, so to that end we organise scientific sessions, conferences that are open to the public, and thus we have students from among the French, not only from among the (Polish - PAP) diaspora" - she explained.

Prof. Maria Delaperrière was born in 1941. In Krakow. She completed Polish studies at the Jagiellonian University in 1963. He then she started studying Romance languages, which she continued after her departure to France at the Sorbonne in Paris.

Although since 1965 she has lived in the country on the Seine, her main research interest are still associated with Polish literature and culture. Her academic achievements consist of several books (in Polish and French), nearly 30 editorial works and 150 scientific articles.

For years, she also has been involved in the cultural life of Poles abroad. Professor is a member of the Historical and Literary Society in Paris, the Association of Polish Studies in France and the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences. She is also a member of the jury of the Wislawa Szymborska Award.

In 2004, for their scientific achievements and efforts for Polish culture Prof. Delaperrière received the Knight\'s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland, and in 2008 the "Jagiellonian University Person of Merit Award".

In 2011, her book "Literatura polska w interakcjach. Szkice porównawcze z literatury i kultury" ("Polish literature in interactions. Comparative sketches of literature and culture" was recognized as "the best book written in Polish by a writer permanently living outside Poland" and awarded the Włada Majewska Award by the Association of Polish Writers Abroad.

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