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The search for the best international students in Poland continues

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International students who study at Polish universities and are active in academia, may participate in the Interstudent contest for the best international student in Poland. The deadline for applications is November 30, 2014.

The Interstudent contest organized by the Perspektywy Education Foundation, is addressed to foreign students studying at Polish universities, both at the undergraduate, master\'s and doctoral level. The competition is open to students of public and private universities, studying in Polish and foreign languages.

"We are looking for people who enrich local academia and build bridges between cultures. In order to participate in the competition, candidates must be active in the local student community - including cultural, social, environmental, sporting activity; candidates should demonstrate that they promote multicultural ideas, are in good academic standing and participate in interesting research projects" - inform the organizers of the contest.

The basis of participation in the competition is completing the Interstudent Questionnaire and sending it to the organizers. Applications may be submitted by: rectors or vice-rectors for international affairs, deans or vice-deans, university offices of international cooperation, student governments and the authorities of other student organizations. Candidates can also be proposed by their peers.

Winners in three categories (Bachelor studies, Master studies, PhD studies) will be selected by the jury, which may also grant additional awards. The winners will receive prizes, trophies and certificates. Another distinction will be the popularisation of the winners and their schools in the monthly educational magazine of Perspektywy.

The final gala of the Interstudent contest will take place on January 22 during the conference "International Students in Poland 2015" in Lublin.

According to the Perspektywy Education Foundation report published in April, in Poland there are nearly 36 thousand international students from 149 countries, about 23 percent more than in the previous year. The largest group, more than 15 thousand, are the Ukrainians.

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