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Five medals for inventions of microelectronics engineers from the Lodz University of Technology at Seoul trade fair

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Five inventions developed at the Department of Microelectronics and Computer Science, Lodz University of Technology were awarded medals in December at the Seoul International Invention Fair 2018 in South Korea. Three inventions won gold, two won silver, reported the university spokeswoman Ewa Chojnacka.

Gold medal was awarded to the analyser of real complex systems ARUZ, operating at the Łódź Regional Science and Technology Park (BioNanoPark).

ARUZ is a simulator of chemical processes that uses FPGA technology (Field-Programmable Gate Array). Designed at the Department of Molecular Physics and the Department of Microelectronics and Computer Science, Lodz University of Technology, it is the largest device of this type in the world.

Nearly 3,000 PCBs (Printed Circuit Board) equipped with a total of almost 27,000 FPGAs were used in its construction. The whole structure of this powerful, but energy-efficient computing machine is shaped like a cylinder with a diameter of 14 m and height of 5 m. According to the researchers, thanks to its outstanding size and unique properties it can perform simulations in 2 weeks that would take about 40 years on a regular PC and require 75 percent more electricity consumption.

Another gold medal was awarded to the cost optimisation system for the construction and operation of underground high voltage cable lines. The application allows to find the optimal geometric dimensions of cable and sheath, so that the total costs of construction and operation (over the assumed number of years) are as low as possible.

The third gold-winning solution is the stereoscopic image recording assistant. Researchers from the Lodz University of Technology developed a novel methodology and supporting tools for crews recording stereoscopic images on a film set. The invention is designed to ensure high quality of recorded 3D image and prevent distortion and image errors.

Silver medals were awarded to: a method and device for the supported calibration of stereoscopic cameras and a scalable industrial-grade system for capturing video from high-speed cameras.

Seoul International Invention Fair is organized by Korea Invention Promotion Association with the support of the World Intellectual Property Organization and the International Federation of Inventors` Associations.

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