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Researchers associated with the Jagiellonian University developed an innovative preparation for fish

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Researchers associated with the Jagiellonian University in Krakow developed and patented an innovative preparation used in the prevention and treatment of fish. The product has been marketed. It can be used in both aquarium fish and fish intended for consumption.

The main creator of the preparation, zootechnician and ichthyologist Dr. Wojciech Górecki explained the innovation in an interview with PAP. "The preparation consists only of natural ingredients - effective extracts of naturally occurring plants. The second innovation lies in the fact that the preparation is added to water, and not - like other such agents - to the feed" - he said.

During transport, fish are exposed to injuries, temperature fluctuations and severe stress, which can lead to a decrease in resistance and bacterial infections. After the journey, during the quarantine period, the fish are sometimes reluctant to take food.

"Since imported fish have to endure the inconvenience of a long journey, breeders preventively give them antibiotics, which may also have side effects" - explains Dr. Wojciech Fiałkowski from the Institute of Environmental Sciences of the Jagiellonian University.

The patented preparation administered preventively strengthens the fish`s immune system and antibiotics are no longer necessary. The product is a liquid, it is used externally, mixed with water, in which the fish swim, and absorbed through the skin and digestive system.

"The product is non-toxic, and the active substances of the preparation undergo rapid decomposition. It can be used in fish intended for consumption without a withdrawal period, and in ornamental fish. Importantly, unlike a number of chemotherapeutics, the product meets the safety requirements for humans and animals" - adds Fiałkowski.

No special precautions are needed when using the preparation. It does not destroy fishing equipment, it does not leave hard to wash discolorations on breeding tanks or unwashable deposits on aquariums.

A group of scientists connected with the Jagiellonian University (Wojciech Górecki, Wojciech Fiałkowski, Łukasz Pijanowski, Monika Komorowska) worked on the project for two years.

The product marketed as Aquasan Imunno is manufactured by a company from Łódź.

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