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Zagórski: Over PLN 8 million for pilot 5G network at Lodz University of Technology

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Over PLN 8 million from the state budget has been reserved for a 5G technology pilot program on the Lodz University of Technology campus. The program will continue until 2020, said Minister of Digital Affairs Marek Zagórski.

"Over PLN 8 million has been reserved in the state budget for the construction of the network and the purchase of equipment needed to test 5G technology at Lodz University of Technology. This process will start this year and continue until 2020. We would like the 5G network to function in at least one major city in Poland by then. We hope that Łódź will be among one of the first cities to use it" - emphasized Zagórski during the conference in Łódź.

According to the minister, 5G technology "is not the next stage in the development of mobile telephony, but super fast Internet, with parameters allowing to process huge amounts of data in real time". He added that according to the plans of the European Commission, 5G network should operate in at least one large city in each Member State by 2020, and by 2025 - in all major cities and on all major transport routes.

This year, PLN 1 million has been allocated for the implementation of pilot 5G network covering the Lodz University of Technology campus. Another 7 million zlotys, which - according to PiS deputy Waldemar Buda - will be generated next year, will allow to test the new network.

According to the Rector of Lodz University of Technology Sławomir Wiak, the strategic goal of the project is to prepare a pilot platform that will enable entrepreneurs to prepare applications for new innovative services in a dedicated 5G network test environment. The university wants to link the pilot to its other initiatives, including the creation of a technology incubator or startup support mechanisms.

"We want to check what the practical applications of 5G technology in Poland are, because 5G can be implemented not only after starting certain processes related to, for example, frequency availability, but also when telecommunications operators determine that they have generated demand for these services" - said Zagórski.

According to the project assumptions, Lodz University of Technology will provide entrepreneurs not only with know-how but also with unique infrastructure, thus enabling various entities - as the first commercial 5G networks are launched in the country - to prepare for launching their products and services.

The university also wants to use the 5G network for its own projects aimed at demonstrating solutions from the areas including intelligent construction and smart cities; plans include implementing advanced climate, lighting and security control systems for specific campus zones.

The Minister of Digital Affairs pointed out that on the occasion of the project he would like to stimulate researchers and students to work on new applications based on 5G network and covering such areas as society and people, that is applications that facilitate everyday life, environment, transport, economy. "We believe that the academic potential of Lodz University of Technology students is so large that the 5G that will be built in Łódź should be strongly correlated with the ideas that will be born here" - he emphasised.

He said that soon the ministry would announce a competition in which the winners would be able to win a prize of PLN 50,000 and an opportunity to implement their projects as part of the startup support program.

Fifth generation (5G) telecommunications network is a new data transmission standard with a higher bandwidth than the current 4G solutions. The implementation of 5G is expected to support more reliable communication between devices and help to promote solutions associated with the Internet of Things. (PAP)

author: Agnieszka Grzelak-Michałowska

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