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Launch of the Summer School of the University of Lodz

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Almost 50 students and lecturers from universities in Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Ukraine and Russia will participate in this year`s edition of the Summer School Łodź 2018 organized by the Faculty of Economics and Sociology of the University of Lodz. The School`s inauguration took place last week.

The theme of this year`s Summer School of the University of Lodz will be "European Union Challenges: the New Context of Unity and Diversity". The seminars will be devoted to economic and social challenges the countries of the European Union are facing. Issues related to the mutual relations between the EU and other countries will also be discussed.

"The aim of the seminar is to enable young people from different countries to establish contacts and cooperation, and discuss cultural, social and economic aspects related to the processes of globalisation and European integration" - explains the University of Lodz spokesperson Paweł Śpiechowicz.

Lectures and scientific debates are also intended to present the issues related to the changes of contemporary Polish society to the foreign guests.

This year`s Summer School participants are 40 students and accompanying lecturers from Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Ukraine, Russia, as well as scientists from Turkey and the US. The seminar will also be attended by a group of Polish students.

In addition to indoor and field didactic activities, the organizers have planned trips around Łódź and the region, cultural workshops and integration meetings.

According to Śpiechowicz, the organization of this international seminar is also a form of promotion of Poland and Polish culture, as well as Łódź as a developing city with a large scientific, cultural and economic potential.

The summer school will continue until July 7, and at the end students will receive certificates confirming the completion of the seminar and obtained ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits.

The Summer School Łodź 2018 is the only such initiative in Łódź to date. Its history dates back to 2004, when the authorities of the Faculty of Economics and Sociology and the Facultades Metropolitanas Unidas in Sao Paulo concluded an agreement on the creation of the Polish-Brazilian Summer School.

The Ecuadorian Universidad SEK in Quito joined the initiative two years later, and in the following years further universities followed, including the Universidad Nacional del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires in Olavarría (Argentine) or the Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Mexico in Toluca (Mexico).

To date, almost 700 foreign guests have come to Łódź, including participants from Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Japan, China, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Spain, Turkey and Italy. As part of the exchange, almost 400 students and lecturers from Łódź took part in similar seminars organized by foreign universities.

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