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Polish battery for electric bikes to launch soon

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Polish battery for electric bikes, which will allow to double the travel distance, will launch in July during a prestigious cycling industry trade fair in Germany.

The Precursor battery was invented and manufactured at BMZ Poland with headquarters in Gliwice. "Our battery can make bicycles with electrical support even more popular. This product breaks many barriers that have limited the development of e-bikes. Its advantage is an easy adaptation for any type of bicycle" - says Zdzisław Madej of BMZ Poland.

According to Madej, until now the bicycle market had to adapt to existing batteries. Batteries had certain parameters, which the bike frames had to fit. Now the battery will change in response to the needs of bicycle designers, who can actively participate in designing the housing. It will be tailored to their requirements, becoming an integral part of the entire project.

The Precursor battery also allows to control and monitor its status with a special app, without the need for an additional display. At each charge level, users can check the approximate range, which can now reach 200 km, and whether the battery storage conditions are correct. The application will also remind about maintenance. Due to the use of cells, the Precursor battery has nearly 40 percent larger capacity than standard batteries.

The battery launch will take place during the Eurobike trade fair on 8-10 July 2018 in the German city of Friedrichshafen. This fair is considered to be the most important trade event for bicycle manufacturers, distributors and journalists in Europe. "It`s hard to imagine a better opportunity to launch our battery project. In Friedrichshafen, the entire bicycle world will see the Polish battery that can change the electric bicycle market" - says Agata Kędzierska from BMZ Poland.

Electric bicycles represent 1 percent of the bicycle sector in Poland, but the interest in these vehicles is growing. In 2016, 10,000 such vehicles were sold in Poland. The dynamics of the market growth in Poland is much higher than the global average, which - according to PMR Consulting & Research analyses - is expected to amount to just over 6% annually by 2025. The value of the bicycle market in Poland is estimated at over one billion zlotys. Our country is the fourth largest bicycle manufacturer in Europe.

The BMZ Group is a supplier of intelligent power and energy storage systems based on lithium-ion technology. BMZ Poland from Gliwice has a significant role in the group. The Polish branch has been growing dynamically since 2010 and currently employs over 800 people. The company supplies batteries for power tools, garden tools, electric buses, bicycles and electric scooters, medical applications and many other products. BMZ Poland not only manufactures batteries, but also has a research and development department that designs and develops them.

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