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Ludwika Tomala
Ludwika Tomala

#Zapytajnaukowca! Science in Poland at the Science Picnic

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Have a question for a scientist you`ve always been wondering about? You want to know the questions that experts have to deal with? You are a scientist and you are wondering how to pass information about your research to the media? Let`s talk! We will be at the Science Picnic in Warsaw on Saturday, June 9.

The Science Picnic of the Polish Radio and the Copernicus Science Centre is the largest outdoor science fair in Europe. The theme of this year`s 22nd edition of the picnic is "Movement". Admission to the event is free. The picnic takes place on Saturday from 11:00 to 20:00 at the National Stadium (PGE Narodowy) in Warsaw.

For the first time this year, Science in Poland will have a stand at the picnic. Our journalists will wait for visitors in the tent number C50. The stand will be located at the foot of the stadium, near gate number 11, among the tents set along ul. Zieleniecka.

As part of their daily work, the journalists of Science in Poland ask scientists questions and pass their answers on to readers. Now we want to show all visitors how interesting the questions and the search for answers may be. Because it is curiosity that pushes science forward and keeps it in constant motion.

At our stand we will wait for questions that visitors want answered. Are you wondering why the Moon has not fallen onto Earth? How a mobile phone works? Is it possible to travel through time? Why the Polish language is so complicated? We believe that there are no stupid questions! It`s silly not to ask when you do not know, and not to look for answers!

Visitors to our stand will be able to write questions to scientists on the board. Journalists together with guests will try to find answers and we will award the most interesting questions! And those who come up with a question on "how the world works" at another time, can ask their questions in social media. All you have to do is post your inquiry with the hashtag #zapytajnaukowca. After the picnic, we will select some of the questions we find most interesting, and ask the scientists. We will present the answers on our website.

We will also ask our guests questions that the Science in Poland interviewees have already answered. Why are amphibians everywhere dying out on a massive scale? How can insects change the course of history? Did ancient Romans stay in Poland? Is it good if there is no fever during an infection? Which animals do cats hunt? We will see how our guests will handle these questions. We will also encourage them to compare their answers with what scientists have told us. Answers to these and other interesting questions can be found in our favourite articles on Science in Poland. You can also read them at the picnic.

Journalists will tell those interested how the Science in Poland website is being created. They will also present our new mobile application. It is available for Android and iOS. We invite you to download the application now.

You will also be able to see interesting videos about the discoveries of Polish scientists at the Science in Poland stand.

At 4 PM we will host a workshop for scientists who want to learn how to cooperate with journalists and promote science in the media. Researchers interested in promoting their research on our website are invited to talk to journalists throughout the day.

The Science in Poland stand is just one of more than 160 stands at the Science Picnic. Will you regret it if you miss the picnic? We know the answer to this question: you sure will!

More information about the picnic is available at http://www.pikniknaukowy.pl/AboutNextPicnic

Ludwika Tomala


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