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Opole / Medical students will be the first in Poland to work with a heart in 3D

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Medical students at the University of Opole will be the first in Poland to learn the secrets of human heart in 3D, the university spokesman Maciej Kochański reports.

The application that will allow students to watch the functioning, structure and diseases of the human heart in 3D has been created in cooperation of scientists, IT specialists and the Professor Zbigniew Religa Foundation of Cardiac Surgery Development.

"Virtual heart is a medical education program based on the latest technologies using augmented and virtual reality. It is an extensive project, with which we want to launch a journey into the human body. Its implementation will allow for an even better education of future generations of physicians not only in the field of anatomy or physiology, but first and foremost in clinical subjects. The results of the project will also be used to improve patient safety, for example by planning surgical procedures in detail" - says Kochański.

The heart is fully photorealistic when viewed with special glasses. The application allows students to view it in a way unavailable in two-dimensional photography. In addition, the application allows to watch both a healthy organ as well as one that functions under the load of various types of diseases and chemical substances.

According to Kochański, the university will use loaned glasses at first, but the future plans include purchasing at least ten sets for the university's medical department. (PAP)

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