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Poland's first SpaceHub opens in Warsaw

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Poland's first SpaceHub has been opened with the support of the European Space Agency and the international EO ClimLab project. The SpaceHub will provide start-ups and SMEs with permanent access to satellite data and offer advice on their use in business practice.

According to last week's press release, the SpaceHub created in the co-creating centre Brain Embassy is an initiative whose "goal is to develop innovations for companies that operate outside the space sector and wish to use space technologies in their business".

SpaceHub was created to offer a place for innovation in the field of Earth observation, where those interested can gain access to the latest satellite data and tools, and meet with big data experts from the space sector to develop prototypes of new services together, says the European Space Agency (ESA) expert Pierre Philippe Mathieu, quoted in the release.

According to Mathieu, Earth observations currently allow to obtain unprecedented data on the state of our planet and its changes. Europe is leading this revolution with the Copernicus program and the development of the Sentinel mission. Easy access to data about our planet enables businesses to build completely new services, which is the reason behind creating SpaceHub, Mathieu explains. The goal of the new initiative is to provide an environment in which everyone can have access to the latest satellite data and tools, share ideas, discuss and create innovations in the field of Earth observation.

Katarzyna Wojnar from Brain Embassy says that "Poland lacks practical processing of satellite data by companies that could compete with western initiatives in industries such as telecommunications, climate research, medical services".

Engineering company Kapitech is a co-author of the initiative. "Participation in the EO ClimLab project of the European Space Agency is a great step for us. Together with our partners we can promote the use of Earth observation data to solve global problems of climate change. To that end, we have co-founded SpaceHub, where we will support young space enthusiasts, startups, SMEs and corporations. Our plans include open workshops and advisory sessions, and our expert will be available to the project participants on a daily basis" - says Company Manager of Kapitech Iuliia Strotska, quoted in the release.

According to Wojnar and Strotska, SpaceHub will organize two thematic events every month. The first of these will be an open day for interested businesses, students and space enthusiasts, during which invited guests will present topics related to the use of Earth observation data in various sectors of the economy. (PAP)

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