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Polish Patent Office award for PAP - Science in Poland

PAP - Science in Poland received a special award in the 5th edition of the competition for media report on intellectual property protection, organized by the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland.

"I would like to emphasize that the activity of the web service constitutes an extremely valuable contribution to raising awareness of inventiveness as a fundamental factor in the development of civilization, which is closely related to scientific and technical progress enabling the functioning of modern and competitive knowledge-based economy" - Katarzyna Kowalewska of the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland justified the award.

"I hope that the award will confirm both our appreciation and the great importance of publications concerning the protection of intellectual property, and further achievements of the website will contribute to further increasing the public interest in this subject" - added Kowalewska.

The public online news service PAP - Science in Poland is edited by journalists of the Polish Press Agency and financed by the DIALOG program of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The website reports the achievements of Polish scientists and promotes Polish science. It is intended for both the scientific community and Internet users looking for popular science information. It is a constantly updated online journal and a database of Polish science.

In addition to PAP - Science in Poland, special awards in this year\'s edition of the competition have been given to the websites Puls Biznesu and Mówia Wieki.

Full results are available on the website of the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland: http://www.uprp.pl/wyniki-konkursow-organizowanych-przez-urzad-patentowy-rp/Lead02,60,19234,7,index,pl,text/ (PAP)

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