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The EC authorized Polish companies to promote the "Copernicus" satellite programme

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Astri Polska and Kapitech have retained the status of "Copernicus Relays", the title awarded by the EC to satellite Earth observation experts. Information from Copernicus can be used in mining, crisis management and maritime industry.

Marcin Mykietyn, responsible for media relations at Astri Polska, told PAP on Thursday that the EC again authorized the consortium of space companies Astri Polska and Kapitech to promote the European Earth Observation Programme "Copernicus" by maintaining the status of member of "Copernicus Relays" on the basis of "positive assessment of the activities conducted so far".

Mykietyn explained that "Copernicus Relays" is a community of representatives of the "Copernicus" programme set up to promote the benefits of the European Earth Observation Programme. The members are companies that are local satellite Earth observations experts. Their task is to promote the use of satellite images by domestic businesses, public institutions and public administration.

According to Astri Polska CEO Jacek Mandas, in Poland there is a growing interest in the use of satellite data by both private companies and state institutions, as well as public administration. "With the +Copernicus Relays+ program, the use of data from Earth observation satellites is likely to gain further support" - emphasised Mandas. This includes the use of this type of data in mining, crisis management and maritime industry. He added that satellite imagery could also be used to "identify sources of urban air pollution".

As part of the "Copernicus Relays" program, the consortium of Astri Polska and Kapitech organizes and supports the Hackathon initiatives, during which it helps participants to use data obtained from Earth observation satellites.

"Copernicus" is a European Union program co-ordinated by the European Commission in cooperation with the European Space Agency and other European institutions, created to stimulate the economic development of EU countries. Its purpose is to provide information about the Earth from the Sentinel satellites and to develop information services based on satellite observations of the Earth and in situ data (obtained on site, in the field). (PAP)

author: Magdalena Jarco

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